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Logo Design - Web Design & Build

Logo designed Breathable Homes by Hansesgaard Design for Breathable Homes


Dr Jenny Brierley has had a long career in housing associations in Yorkshire and she is focussed on how to build and manage truly affordable, sustainable homes. This knowledge and passion led her to carry out her own research project on how this could be done better and achieve low energy use in homes that have healthy air to breathe.

She wanted a website as a reference point and a point of contact so her knowledge can be shared. She also needed a visual identity created with a logo to use for her presentation material.



Design of visual identity, logo design, brand guidelines and design and build of a one page website.

One page website designed for Breathable Homes by Hansesgaard Design



Dr Jenny Brierley had a clear idea of the colour scheme she wanted which I used in my logo design and across the web page. She wanted the logo to have a light and floaty feel to it.​​

Final Outcome

Logo Design.

​Brand Guidelines

​Design and build of a one page website

Brand Guide created for Breathable Homes by Hansesgaard Design
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