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Furniture Brochure - Staff Traning Manual & Pocket Guide

Front cover design for Stompa at John Lewis furniture brochure by Hansesgaard Design


John Lewis has sold Stompa's ranges of children's beds and furniture successfully for several years with continual range developments. New in-store brochures have been designed to promote their range.



To design a promotional package for in-store use consisting of a 12 page lifestyle brochure that would communicate the essence of this high quality brand, a 6 page tri-fold  Range Card and a Training Pack for John Lewis' staff.

The furniture range from Stompa offers space saving bed combinations and a range of free standing furniture. There is also scope for the consumer to design their own combinations. A priority was to
 communicate the full offer of the range.

Back cover design for furniture brochure, Stompa at John Lewis, by Hansesgaard Design



A fresh and slightly playful approach was taken through introducing subtle illustrations, an engaging tone of voice and a colour scheme to complement the furniture.  Icons were designed to communicate key features for each category, helping the reader to make informed decisions such as the most suitable bed for their child's age and quick overviews of colour and combination choices. High priority was paid to creating clean, easily understandable layouts for the range overview pages which contain large amount of information in table format.

Final Outcomes

12 page A4 full colour brochure
6 page A6 full colour tri fold Range Card
Training Pack for John Lewis staff: ​4 page A4 full colour Training Manual &
2 page A6 full colour Pocket Guide

A4 Lifestyle brochure design,Stompa at John Lewis, designed by Hansesgaard Design
Stompa Furniture Training Manual designed for John Lewis by Hansesgaard
Stompa Furniture Training manual designed for John Lewis staff by Hansesgaard Design
Stompa Furniture trifold Range card designed for John Lewis by Hansesgaard Design
Instore Stompa pocket guide design for staff at John Lewis by Hansesgaard Design
Instore Stompa Pocket Guide for John Lewis staff designed by Hansesgaard Design
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