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Branding - Logo Design - Web design & Build 

The new logo design for Mind Body Healthful with Connecting you to your best self strap line designed by Hansesgaard Design


Mind Body Healthful was set up by Kath Reeve, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. Her mission is to help people create new habits that can enhance their health and lifestyle. She asked to me to help her streamline her thoughts of how she could run her business and ultimately help her with all the design work involved with launching a new business.



The brief was to create her brand identity, logo design, creating a brand guide and designing and building a new website with clear and easy navigation. Kath had already decided on a business name but was unsure about the tagline to add to the logo to communicate exactly what she offers. We ended up with 2 versions so she had appropriate ones for different uses. ​

Logo design for Mind Body Healthful by Hansesgaard Design shown on business cards



Kath is very much an outdoor person. She loves the sea, amongst  her many other qualifications she is also a sailing instructor,  she enjoys a challenge and being in nature.  Getting to know her it was clear that she has a colourful personality with lots of positive energy and the aim was to capture all this in her visual identity, colour scheme and website.

Final Outcome

Branding and logo design

Brand guide

Web design and build

The home page design created for Mind Body Healthful by Hansesgaard Design
Design of a landing page to promote Mind Body Healthful's 12 Week Health & Wellness Package by Hansesgaard Design
Brand Guide created for Mind Body Healthful
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