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3 Reasons printed brochures are still needed in the digital age

In case you're wondering whether printed brochures and leaflets are still worth investing in when people are spending more and more time online, the answer is yes!

An open lifestyle brochure on a table. Printed brochures are beneficial for building brand perception and have a longer life than digital adverts.

Print marketing can play an integral part in a well rounded marketing strategy and can easily compliment the digital side of the marketing plan and generate results. It's a brilliant way to target a concise market and can be particularly effective for local businesses.

1. You can hit your dream market directly

If you do your research well in terms of your target audience, printed marketing material is a relatively low cost marketing tool that can deliver above average return on investment. To achieve great results, your brochure needs to look great and cater to your level of audience in terms of content, design, look and feel, even down to the choice of paper stock and high quality imagery.

You can directly target your researched area and deliver your brochure through the letterbox, there are lots of direct mail companies who offer brochure/leaflet drops at a reasonable cost. Alternatively, or you can research where you target audience spend their time in the local community and leave your brochure in places where they are likely to pick it up.

When people have something physical in their hands it makes them far more likely to read it, as opposed to a social media advert they might miss.


44% of consumers visit a brand’s website after receiving direct mail marketing.

Delving into the world of print marketing statistics, one can’t help but be captivated by the striking revelation that 44% of consumers find themselves enticed to explore a brand’s website after sifting through their direct mail. This compelling figure underlines the synergistic influence of print marketing in an increasingly digital age, showcasing how a tangible and well-crafted mailer can pique curiosity, thus steering individuals towards a brand’s online presence.

An insightful reminder to businesses that the seamless marriage between traditional print strategies and contemporary digital platforms can prove to be a formidable force in captivating a wider consumer audience. (Source: Zipdo)

2. Printed brochures can build trust, create a connection and have a longer life

Getting a brochure delivered to your home is a much more personal experience than being targeted with ads online, it feels more special, considered and can create a sense of appreciation.

Make sure that your brochure is not only a showcase of offers, use it to get your brand message across, your values and let people get to know you. It helps build your brand perception and many people feel it helps build trust. People often look through a brochure and if they are interested they act immediately or they may come back to study the brochure in more details when they have time to sit down and concentrate. So, you're not limited to a few seconds of attention as with online advertising.


56% of consumers trust print marketing more than any other marketing channel.

In the ever-evolving digital world, print marketing stands as a time-tested champion amongst various marketing channels, with a striking 56% of consumers placing their trust in its persuasive prowess. This compelling statistic highlights the unshakable credibility and tangible impact of print marketing, serving as a testament to its enduring effectiveness in the fast-paced realm of advertising. (Source: Zipdo)

3. An effective way of building brand awareness

People spend more time engaging with printed marketing material than with digital material. If well designed the information is easier to digest and less overwhelming and therefore shortens the decision making process for the consumer. Cementing your brand identity is integral not only to get you noticed but to keep the customers returning and with printed materials you have the scope with get a premium feel across. More than one family member is likely to see your brochure in the household and it is easier to look at options together at a convenient time. If your brochure has a beautiful lifestyle feel, it may even be out on display on a coffee table and guest might see it too.


Brand recall is 70% higher for print ads compared to digital, making print twice as memorable as digital ads.

76% of small businesses state that their ideal marketing mix consists of both digital and print.

(Source: Zipdo)



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