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Branding - Web design & Build 

Tamsin Isles Business card


Tamsin Isles has more than 20 years experience in the art sales industry and a keen eye for spotting new talent. Prior to launching her business she contacted me to help her with her branding and web design and build.  Tamsin sells original art from illustrators, comic book artists, animators, poster artists and concept artists to collectors and enthusiasts. 



Tamsin wanted to offer a personalised and exclusive experience for both her customers and the artists she represents. She wanted her brand to reflect her personality and the sector she is in. Her brief was to keep it simplistic, stylish and monochrome so that the art pieces are the heroes on her website.




I designed a very simplistic, abstract illustration of a bat's face as part of Tamsin's logo. This was to reflect Tamsin's soft spot for bats, a connection to the comic art scene and a symbol of transition, initiation and the start of a new beginning. The illustration sits centrally as an icon above the business name that uses an elegant, clean typeface.

Final Outcome

Branding, logo design and brand guide

Web design and build

Tamsin Isles, Popular Arts & Illustration Sales, Website Home page
Tamsin Isles Popular Arts & Illustration Sales, Artist page
Tamsin Isles Popular Arts & Illustration Sales, How to order web page
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